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A more complete definition, tourism is a service industry. They handle services ranging from transportation, hospitality services, shelter, food, beverages, and other relevant services such as banks, insurance, security, etc.. And also offers a resting place, culture, escape, adventure, and other new and different experiences.
Many countries, depends much of the tourism industry as a source of tax and revenue for companies that sell services to tourists. Therefore the development of the tourism industry is one of the strategies used by NGOs to promote specific areas as tourism regions to promote trade through the sale of goods and services to non-local.


One day has 24 hours, 8 hours of time at school, 8 hours of sleep, rest 8 hours, say for the time at home. Of the 8 hours it still exist les Bimbel, courses, time to play (computers, play station, and very rarely play with the neighbors), the time taking care of yourself (bathing, eating, etc.), are also still used for extension of time in home school (ie, homework and studying again at home).
Then what is left of it time for parents to educate their own children? Not much. To be honest, when a child with her mother to talk, at most, less than 45 minutes. Time with dad? Not until 10 minutes, maybe less. Especially if the father’s type of man who does not like being with children … even worse. To educate, at most within 10 minutes was used to scold the child alone. “Angry” does not educate and do not produce anything, just a father means to vent the stress on loved ones.



You will notice that the activities of the association, which deals with the fans and have an impact on all the lessons you a few things about how you can open your soul. You can also choose a class in college or adult education instead. Make sure that a class in something that never crossed your mind to it.

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History of Angklung Indonesia

Angklung is a mythology of the Balinese language, namely Ang meaningful numbers (in the form of notes) and klung which means broken. So, if the combined mean number of damaged angklung.

In the historical development of music Angklung, its present form is an adaptation of musical instruments from the Philippines.

Angklung musical developments in the beginning is derived from bamboo wulung (wulung awi) played by pound. Games bamboo totem animal begins to respect and to respect and appreciate the provision of rice yields and a good many of Dewi Sri, who is believed to be the goddess who gives prosperity.

In its development Angklung music slowly began to change and adapt to contemporary developments. Starting from the era in which humans make use of bamboo as their primary tool for survival, the influx of Chinese culture, the Islamic religious broadcasting, the introduction of western culture to Indonesia, until the modern era.In modern times, the development of Angklung music began to change. It begins with Daeng Sutisna who managed to turn petatonis into diatonic scales (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, do) in 1983. And developments that ensued, for example in the Asian-African Summit in Bandung, West Java. Modern Angklung music played for official events in Indonesia Ultimate Diversity, namely in Indonesia Raya songs and some well-known folk songs like Rasa Sayange, Come on Mom, Brother Old Bird and Duck Goose.

In this modern era also, we can still rejoice to feel unique in a music Angklung Saung Saung Angklung Angklung is Udjo (SAU) D i Bandung, West Java, exactly on Jl. Padasuka 118 Bandung. Saung Angklung Udjo, angsana throne is the world's largest Angklung is a masterpiece of Udjo Ngalagena, which was built in 1961.

Angklung is made of black bamboo (wulung) is angklung bertangga tone diatonic melody that can play traditional songs and modern, and can accompany the melodies of the song.

So, be proud of us as people of Indonesia who have created masterpieces rather than plagiarism, but, from the struggle of our ancestors in the art and create an arts. Moreover, now Angklung is a musical instrument is universal among the countries of Southeast Asia, East Asia and even the United States. So, we must know ourselves, and obliged to thank the predecessor angklung way to preserve music in our lives today, do not let our ancestors cried to see the fruits of his work was taken illegally and others are raw dilipakan by posterity itself. Do not get lost angklunmg with modern musical instruments, tools and other bands. Modern Angklung can uga tablets, as they are, with less play together, compact, with melodies and structure of the composition of a beautiful tone.

Congratulations to play angklung!